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Southern Natal Lubricants Castrol

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In the eventful year of 1994, in South Africa, in the foot hills of southern Kwa-Zulu Natal, in the quaint town of Kokstad, a small but highly motivated company began it’s journey, The demand for the product grew within the forestry sector in KZN. The need was dire, so only the highest grade of oil could undeniably be used. Castrol and BP oil, provided the market with a very high grade quality oil, while still being cost effective. Today the company is known as Southern Natal Lubricants.

From a highly dedicated and reliable team, the business grew stronger by the day. With a combination of efficient service delivery and high class oil, nothing could stop the company. Today, the business is BEE compliant and remains as motivated as when it first started. Castrol and BP oils is where the future of lubricants lies.

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Cindy Evans

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+27 (0)861 222 484


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1994 Quarry Road, Uvongo Industrial Park


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South Africa